About James

James Steinbach: Profile PhotoI’m a Chicago native currently enjoying the mountains of Denver after a long sojourn in the Carolinas. When I’m not building websites, I love to read Clancy, Crichton, Baldacci, etc. I’m usually up for a good laugh: Brooklyn 99, Mindy Project, Tonight Show, Late Show. Time with my wife Audrey & newborn daughter is always a delight. And I rarely say no to fantastic food & drink.

When I am building websites, I love developing clever animations: motion is one of the best ways to delight users and help them understand their interaction with content. I want to make content accessible to every user, so responsive design is a must. I also want to keep things organized for future me or future developers, so I’m using Sass/PostCSS to keep styles clean and light.

I don’t just like building sites, I love sharing the things I’m learning as I build. I keep lots of demos on CodePen. I write about what I learn. I’m an experienced conference speaker and client trainer. Please let me know if I can help you!