Front-End Web Development Resources

If you’re a developer, you know that keeping up with the speed of our industry can feel overwhelming. Here’s a list of the front-end development resources I rely on to stay up-to-date. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are particularly good, in my opinion.


Smashing Magazine*

Bi-weekly collection of all-around development articles, topics include CSS, JS, design, UI & UX.

Daily email with 5 links related to design, development & tech.

Responsive Design Weekly*

Weekly list of responsive design links, includes interviews, tutorials & libraries.

CSS Weekly

Weekly email of CSS links, includes tutorials, articles & CSS3 advances.

Web Design Weekly*

Weekly email, includes HTML, CSS, pre-processors & JS.


Daily email from, includes front-end, back-end & design articles.

Sass News*

Weekly email of Sass-related links, includes articles, tutorials, events & books, curated by Stu Robson.

Open Web Platform Daily

Daily links on cutting-edge development topics. Note: at the end of each day, the post is hidden behind a paywall, so invest in this resource, or read it promptly.

HTML5 Weekly

Weekly list of HTML5 links, includes spec discussions, polyfills & job postings.

JavaScript Weekly

Weekly list of JS links, includes browser API news, tutorials, and polyfills.

Web Tools Weekly

Weekly curation of links, focused on JS & CSS libraries or frameworks.


Collection of web design resources, includes free downloads, inspiration & tutorials.*

Weekly list of WordPress links, includes news, tutorials, themes & plugins.


Daily WordPress email, includes news, tutorials & opinions.


Smashing Magazine*

Articles and tutorials in the following topics: coding, design, mobile, graphics, UX design & WordPress.


All about CSS, written by Chris Coyier and a number of industry-expert guest authors.

Brad Frost Web*

Brad Frost writes great articles on content-first, responsive web design.

A List Apart

Articles and tutorials on a wide range of topics including code, content, design & business.


Articles on a wide variety of topics, including several languages (HTML, CSS/Sass, JS, PHP, Ruby), WordPress, UX & design. Sass developers should pay attention to Hugo Giraudel’s articles. Also, I write for SitePoint.

CSS Wizardry

Harry Robert’s blog, on CSS guidelines

David Walsh Blog

Articles and tutorials, primarily covering JS & CSS topics.

Cloud Four Blog

Helpful articles and tutorials on solving common development problems.

Phase2 Technology

Micah Godbolt writes Sass articles here. There’s also Drupal stuff here if you’re into that.


Great articles on web strategy and philosophy: more related to management than development.

Elliot Jay Stocks

Web developers with a penchant for typography should read this blog.

Typekit Practice*

Practical case studies for using web-fonts well.

{ jdsteinbach }*

Oh right, you’re already here. I write about CSS/Sass, WordPress and other front-end topics.

Reference Sites


If you haven’t blocked w3schools from your search results, please do. Instead, use MDN. It’s a fantastic resource for looking up almost anything in HTML, CSS & JS and getting an accurate, organized description of what it does.

CSS-Tricks Almanac

Look up any CSS property and get a useful description of what values it takes and what it does.

CSS Guidelines*

This is a great guideline for writing clean, maintainable CSS. It’s a guideline, not a law, but in my opinion, it’s largely worth following.

Can I Use*

Look up any CSS, HTML5, SVG or browser API property and see what browsers support it (and which ones need prefixes or fallbacks).

Sass Docs*

Everything you need to know about Sass. I learn something new every time I come here.

WordPress Codex

Invaluable for WP developers. Get all the details on core functions, actions & filters.



$25/mo. Interactive code challenges to accompany video instruction. Topics include: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Ruby, Design, WordPress, iOS, Android & Business.


Free. Write interactive code in the browser as you complete lessons. Topics include: HTML+CSS, JS, jQuery, Python, Ruby & PHP.


$29/mo; $149/yr. Screencast videos, PDFs and courses. Topics include: HTML+CSS, JS, PHP, Ruby, Design+UX, Mobile & Workflow.


Priced per course. Just found this one today: their Sass course is free right now. They also have an iOS design course.


$25/mo; $250/yr. Video courses on just about any part of web development imaginable.

The Lodge (CSS Tricks)

$13/mo to stream, $20/mo to download. Four very practical courses: Mobile-First WordPress Development, Site Redesign Workflow, Learn jQuery, Learn SVG.


Sorry, I don’t listen to many podcasts. Here are the ones I do subscribe to:


Chris Coyier & Dave Rupert talk about web development with guests. There are also jokes.

A Responsive Web Design Podcast

Karen McGrane & Ethan Marcotte interview guests on RWD-related front-end topics.

The Web Ahead

Jen Simmons hosts a podcast to help you keep up with the future of web development.


Micah Godbolt’s Sass video podcast.


Smashing Library*

$99/year. Access to several dozen books on great topics: Code, Design, WordPress, Content, Freelancing & Graphics. Subscribing for a year lets you download all previously published books as well as two new books published each month during your subscription (PDF, ePub, Mobi).

A Book Apart Library*

$70 (eBooks); $140 (paperbacks). Eleven books by industry experts on several useful topics: HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, Content Strategy, Sass, Web Typography & more.

Five Simple Steps*

£2/book. Short but immensely practical books on various topics in web development: HTML email, animations, symbol fonts, performance, accessibility & more.

O’Reilly Books

They cover all the major (and many minor) languages in their books.

Work in Progress

I’ll be updating this list as I add valuable resources to my intake.