Front-End Web Development Resources

If you’re a developer, you know that keeping up with the speed of our industry can feel overwhelming. Here’s a list of the front-end development resources I rely on to stay up-to-date. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are particularly good, in my opinion.

Newsletters #

Smashing Magazine* #

Bi-weekly collection of all-around development articles, topics include CSS, JS, design, UI & UX.

Sidebar* #

Daily email with 5 links related to design, development & tech.

Responsive Design Weekly* #

Weekly list of responsive design links, includes interviews, tutorials & libraries.

CSS Layout News* #

Weekly email from Rachel Andrew with news, tutorials, case studies and articles about CSS Grid, Flexbox and other layout techniques.

UI Animation Newsletter* #

Weekly email with from Val Head UI animation inspiration & tutorials.

Web Animation Weekly* #

Weekly email with from Rachel Nabors UI animation inspiration & tutorials.

Front-End Newsletter* #

Weekly email with front-end links about HTML, CSS, JS, fonts, UI/UX, and more! (Curated by me!)

Sass News]( #

Weekly email of Sass-related links, includes articles, tutorials, & events.

Sass News is no longer active.

CSS Weekly #

Weekly email of CSS links, includes tutorials, articles & CSS3 advances.

Web Design Weekly #

Weekly email, includes HTML, CSS, pre-processors & JS.

HTML5 Weekly #

Weekly list of HTML5 links, includes spec discussions, polyfills & job postings.

JavaScript Weekly #

Weekly list of JS links, includes browser API news, tutorials, and polyfills.* #

Weekly list of WordPress links, includes news, tutorials, themes & plugins.

Blogs #

Smashing Magazine* #

Articles and tutorials in the following topics: coding, design, mobile, graphics, UX design & WordPress.

CSS-Tricks* #

All about CSS, written by Chris Coyier and a number of industry-expert guest authors.

Brad Frost Web* #

Brad Frost writes great articles on content-first, responsive web design.

A List Apart* #

Articles and tutorials on a wide range of topics including code, content, design & business.

CSS Wizardry* #

Harry Roberts’ blog on CSS best practices.

SitePoint #

Articles on a wide variety of topics, including several languages (HTML, CSS/Sass, JS, PHP, Ruby), WordPress, UX & design. I’ve written for SitePoint.

David Walsh Blog #

Articles and tutorials, primarily covering JS & CSS topics.

Cloud Four Blog #

Helpful articles and tutorials on solving common development problems.

Elliot Jay Stocks #

Web developers with a penchant for typography should read this blog.

Typekit Practice* #

Practical case studies for using web fonts well.

James Steinbach Blog* #

Oh right, you’re already here. I write about CSS/Sass, WordPress and other front-end topics.

Reference Sites #

MDN* #

If you haven’t blocked w3schools from your search results, please do. Instead, use MDN. It’s a fantastic resource for looking up almost anything in HTML, CSS & JS and getting an accurate, organized description of what it does.

CSS-Tricks Almanac #

Look up any CSS property and get a useful description of what values it takes and what it does.

CSS Guidelines* #

This is a great guideline for writing clean, maintainable CSS. It’s a guideline, not a law, but in my opinion, it’s largely worth following.

Sass Guidelines* #

Just like CSS Guidelines, but for Sass.

Can I Use* #

Look up any CSS, HTML5, SVG or browser API property and see what browsers support it (and which ones need prefixes or fallbacks).

WebsiteSetup #

This introduction to setting up your first website covers all the topics you’ll need: hosting, domains, CMSes and more. It focuses most on WordPress.

Sass Docs* #

Everything you need to know about Sass. I learn something new every time I come here.

WordPress Codex #

Invaluable for WP developers. Get all the details on core functions, actions & filters.

Courses #

Treehouse* #

$25/mo. Interactive code challenges to accompany video instruction. Topics include: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Ruby, Design, WordPress, iOS, Android & Business.

Codecademy* #

Free. Write interactive code in the browser as you complete lessons. Topics include: HTML+CSS, JS, jQuery, Python, Ruby & PHP.

Learnable #

$29/mo; $149/yr. Screencast videos, PDFs and courses. Topics include: HTML+CSS, JS, PHP, Ruby, Design+UX, Mobile & Workflow.

Lynda #

$30/mo; $300/yr. Video courses on just about any part of web development imaginable.

The Lodge (CSS Tricks) #

$13/mo to stream, $20/mo to download. Four very practical courses: Mobile-First WordPress Development, Site Redesign Workflow, Learn jQuery, Learn SVG.

Podcasts #

Sorry, I don’t listen to many dev podcasts. Here are the ones I do occasionally listen to:

ShopTalk #

Chris Coyier & Dave Rupert talk about web development with guests. There are also jokes.

A Responsive Web Design Podcast #

Karen McGrane & Ethan Marcotte interview guests on RWD-related front-end topics.

Toolsday #

Una Kravets and Chris Dhanaraj host a podcast highlighting “the latest in tech tools, tips, and tricks.”

Syntax #

Wes Bos and Scott Tolinkski hosts a podcast with tasty treats for web developers.

The Web Ahead #

Jen Simmons hosts a podcast to help you keep up with the future of web development. There haven’t been new episodes for 3 years, but lots of the content is still quite relevant.

Books #

Smashing Library* #

$99/year. Access to several dozen books on great topics: Code, Design, WordPress, Content, Freelancing & Graphics. Subscribing for a year lets you download all previously published books as well as two new books published each month during your subscription (PDF, ePub, Mobi).

A Book Apart Library* #

Eleven books by industry experts on several useful topics: HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, Content Strategy, Sass, Web Typography & more.

Five Simple Steps* #

Short but immensely practical books on various topics in web development: HTML email, animations, symbol fonts, performance, accessibility & more. Sadly, they’re no longer publishing / selling books, but a few books survived.

O’Reilly Books #

They cover all the major (and many minor) languages in their books.

Work in Progress #

I’ll be updating this list as I discover more resources. If you find a link that’s broken or leads somewhere unexpected, please let me know. Thanks!