This blog is now on Jekyll!

WordPress is great, don’t get me wrong! In fact, I make a living building WordPress sites (mostly). So this post isn’t anti-WordPress at all.

I have, however, moved this blog to Jekyll (hosted on Github) for a couple reasons.

Speed #

First of all, I wanted this blog to be faster. I also don’t want to spend a bunch of time configuring and tweaking a WP caching plugin. Jekyll produces a flat file site that’s as fast as your markup/requests - no server think-time needed. (That’s not to say that this site is perfectly optimized: that’s an ongoing project and I’ll probably be blogging about it as I learn.)

Markdown #

I really like writing in Markdown. It lets me write quickly, keeping a document outline in mind, but not fussing over formatting or leaving the keyboard to click around an editor. Jekyll parses markdown files, so again: win!

Fun #

To be perfectly honest, I just wanted to try something new. Jekyll has been a fun little learning experience.

If you have questions, issues, etc, please open up an issue on this repo (no comments at the moment, sorry). Thanks!