99/100 Google Page Speed Score

With all my WordPress sites, it’s taken a lot of work to get a Google Page Speed score above 90. When I moved this site to Jekyll & Github pages hosting, I instantly got a 93/100. I wasn’t satisfied (since I hadn’t put any effort into it!), so I started looking for ways to optimize things even more. Garth Braithwaite’s Medium post “Becoming a Jekyll God” had all the tools I needed to get to 99/100.

Inline CSS #

Garth points out that you can tell Jekyll to minify your CSS output by putting the following in your _config.yml file:

  style: compressed

Then the article recommended going one step farther and inlining the entire style sheet into your document.

  1. Move your main.css (or style.scss - whichever is being used in your theme) into your /_includes/ directory.
  2. Remove the “front matter” from that .scss file (everything between --- and ---.
  3. In your <head> (probably in /_includes/head.html), replace the <link rel=“stylesheet” … > line with the following:
<style type="text/css">
  {% capture include_to_scssify %}
    {% include main.scss %}
  {% endcapture %}
  {{ include_to_scssify | scssify }}

Compressed HTML #

Compressing HTML was the next huge win for me. This requires an extra .html file in /_layouts/. You can download compress.html here.

Most likely, your layout files are all calling a single “root” layout file. In the default theme, page.html and post.html both called default.html in their front matter. If that’s the case for you, copy compress.html to your /_layouts/ directory and add the following to the top of default.html:

layout: compress

Caching #

I’m using CloudFlare to manage DNS for this site. For this domain, I went to “CloudFlare Settings” and clicked the “Performance Settings” tab. On that screen, I told CloudFlare to cache resources for 24 days (very aggressive), and minify JS, CSS, & HTML. I realize, doing this after the HTML compression trick above is probably overkill. I may review that, do some testing and remove the compression from Jekyll. We’ll see.

Screenshot showing 99/100 Google Page Speed Score

Note: I’m constantly playing with things on this site, so the 99/100 may come and go.