How Would You Like to Work Together?

I hope you’re enjoying your time on my blog, but if you’ve ended up on this page, it’s probably because you want my expertise in real life, not just written down.

That’s great! I’m currently taking on freelance/contract work. If you’d like my help, here’s what you need to know.

Areas of Expertise #

As you’ve probably guessed from the blog, my primary areas of expertise include:

  • CSS: modular styles, project architecture, responsive time-savers, naming conventions, anything that helps your team stay on the same page.
  • Sass: getting front-end developers past Sass basics (like variables and built-in functions) so they can build their own libraries of time-saving custom start-up Sass.
  • Accessibility: color contrast (I’m colorblind so I know the user’s situation well!), semantic markup, ARIA attributes, forms.
  • User Experience: optimal user flows through a site or app, visual design that presents information clearly.
  • Automation: all those automatable tasks like compiling Sass, uglifying JS, optimizing images.
  • Site Speed: load time improvements, code minification, image conversion and optimization, caching & CDNs.
  • WordPress: primarily theme development, but also plugin evaluation.

What I Do #

Whether you just need to get at the knowledge I’ve gained building sites for the last decade, or whether you need an expert to write the actual code for a project, I can help you. Oh, and if you need a combination of both knowledge and code, I can do that too.

Learn More #

I can answer questions, provide training, hold a strategy workshop, and audit an existing site.

Hire Me for Consultation

I can build new sites, refactor existing code, and optimize sites.

Hire Me for a Project