Hire Me for Consulting Work

I’m available to consult with you and/or your team in any of my areas of expertise: CSS, Sass, accessibility, user experience (UX), workflow automation, performance, and WordPress development. (More info about my areas of expertise.)

What I Do #

I can answer questions. Yep, that sounds basic, but I’m happy to set up a call or video conference with you and your team for an informal Q/A session on any topic within my expertise. It does help if you provide any known questions in advance, but this format has room to improvise and even chase helpful rabbit trails.

I can provide training for you of your team. Are you about to convert to Sass and need a deep dive? Or do you have your first education/government client and need to make sure you’re up to speed on accessibility requirements? I can take your team through that topic, leaving you with slides and notes as a reference.

I can help your team with a strategy workshop. If you’re on the verge of a project bigger than they’ve faced before, we can plan out code architecture and establish maintainable, documented patterns to keep your team fast and happy with the codebase, well after launch. This is less like “curriculum” and more like a brainstorm/planning day.

I can audit existing sites and codebases. If your team has hit a wall with maintaining a project’s CSS structure or you need to know if your site is going to meet a client’s accessibility standards, I can audit the work you’ve already done and provide a road map for improvement.

How I Do It #

If you need consultation, I’ll confirm I can confidently give you valuable information on your chosen topic, provide my rate for the type of conversation we need to have, and provide you with scheduling options. Consultation fees will need to be paid in full before our scheduled meeting time.

Let’s Start! #